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Recently developed, a new type of underlay – DUCC

Originally designed for Classic Clay our synthetic red clay tennis court, it has been expanded into use for all other sports.

There are some significant features of DUCC that make it very appealing. First it can be laid over xisting surfaces, including en tout cas, reducing the need for extensive ground preparation. It is a waterproof drainage material that directs the waters through channels in the material.

The water can then be collected for storage through a drain and tank.

The second benefi t is that it is quick to lay as it comes in 3.7 metre wide rolls.

With the reduced cost of both ground preparation and labour or laying, the material is very appealing to those who are on a budget.

And of course there are the benefits to those who play on the surfaces.

The tennis players have found that it dries remarkably quickly. Even after heavy rain the courts are
playable in less than half an hour.

Of course the DUCC does not only have drainage advantages. It also is an effective shock absorber.

So for areas (such as a school playground) it gives a cushioned feel to the surface and reduces injuries from bad knocks.ducc

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