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Artificial Lawn Installation Has Never Been Easier

Get the garden of your dreams today! With Town & Country Lawn Magic’s seven step process, there’s no need for professional synthetic lawn installers. It’s the easiest way to have a beautiful yard.

Synthetic lawn installation is a simple task anyone can do, but you’ll want to set aside at least a day to properly complete the process. For a flawless lawn that’ll make any gardener envious, just follow these steps:

Step 1

Cut lawn as low as possible (down to thatch) and spray with weed killer (Zero)

Step 2

Lay approximately 50mm Dolomite (crushed blue metal) on top.

Step 3

Use roller to flatten the Dolomite (crushed blue metal).

Step 4

Lay Summer Prestige Deluxe and cut to size.

Step 5

Seaming -Where two pieces of turf come together you will need to make a seam.

The seams are simply glued together with synthetic grass adhesive and 300mm wide seaming tape, available at purchase.
At the joining seam, the 300mm wide piece of seaming tape should be cut to the length of the seam.

lazy-lawn-grass copy

Why should I consider synthetic lawn installation?

Because an artificial lawn makes having a brilliant yard easy!

Summer Prestige Deluxe ™ – says No!

  • No watering
  • No mowing
  • No fertilizers or pesticides
  • No weeding, No grass residue
  • No hay fever
  • No muddy footprints
  • No burns to skin – same technology used in sport fields

Summer Prestige Deluxe ™ – says Yes!!

  • Stay greener all year around
  • Perfect solution for hay fever suffers
  • Children and pets activities
  • 10 years warranty UV resistant
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Save money and time
  • Increase the value of your home

The turf is laid seam to seam to ensure it fits tightly together before it is glued.
Note: The pattern of turf stitching on the under side must run in the same direction before the two pieces are adhered.
Both sides of the turf at the seam must be pulled back in order to install the seam tape.
Note: Before joining both pieces lawn installers should ensure that both edges have been properly trimmed and will match up perfectly.
Lay the seam tape down on the base directly between the two pieces of turf that are to be joined. Apply gluing compound to the entire piece of seam tape with a knife.
Allow the adhesive to go off for a minute or two.
Place one side of the turf in the middle of the tape (approximately 150mm) to the center of the tape.
Lay the other side of the turf over the middle of the seam tape to match up exactly to the turf that has just been adhered to the tape.
Mesh the fibers together with fingers or brush, making sure not to glue fibers down.

Step 6

Infill– Once glue has dried, trim off turf so your lawn fits as desired.
Next, lawn installers nail the perimeter every 500mm-800mm with nails (80-120mm length). In order to prepare to infill the turf with fine kiln dried sand, rake or power broom the turf in the
opposite direction that the turf is laying on the roll.
This will allow the infill material to infiltrate the lawn rapidly and prevent turf blades from getting trapped under the fill.
The infill process will now commence using a standard seed drop spreader with the sand (preferably kiln dried sand)
This will help to weigh the turf down, and stabilize the fibers so as to avoid “matting”.
Lawn installers should make one entire pass on the surface to spread the infill, then sweep it down into the fibres, repeating the process until all of your infill has been spread.

Step 7

Then just sit back, relax, no more mowing, triming, weeding or watering required, ENJOY.

** Please note: This is an approximate guide only and also depends on your individual circumstances. Some installers choose to remove the top 50mm of established lawn first. If you’re creating a new garden you may have to use a compactor to make sure ground is secure**

Don’t break your back mowing for one season longer. Invest in your home and get the synthetic lawn your property needs – no hired installers required! With quick delivery from our location to all states and a handy DIY lawn installation guide, you’ll quickly have the perfect garden for outdoor entertaining. Whether you’re in Adelaide, Sydney or Perth, we have the product for you that’ll last decades.

Want to get the perfect garden? Call Town & Country Lawn Magic on 0411 709 583 to get your artificial lawn. With effortless installation and maintenance, you’ll never regret contacting our expert team.